London mayor leads drive to tackle low pay and improve workplace conditions


Employers are being urged to sign up to a new drive to tackle low pay and improve conditions in the workplace.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he wanted to make the capital the best place in the world to work, vowing to "get to grips" with inequalities and unfairness.

He launched a Good Work Standard, asking employers what should be included to promote the idea.

The mayor said: "London is the best city in the world in which to do business - I want it to be the best city in the world in which to work as well.

"We have one of the most dynamic and prosperous economies in the world, but I am determined to personally use this opportunity to strike up a serious conversation about the future of employment and how we can ensure prosperity is shared so all Londoners can benefit from the city's success."

The mayor said certain aspects of London's economy were unfair because not all workers had adequate workplace rights or received at least the London Living Wage.

Some groups faced discrimination in the labour market, pay gaps existed between women and men and those from black and ethnic minority groups (BAME) were paid less than white groups.

With half of FTSE 100 companies not having any BAME directors and fewer than 10% of directors in these companies being women, the new Standard is likely to include a pledge to encouraging diversity in the workplace.