Woman faints after breaking £20,000 bracelet

Rosie Vare

A tourist looking for a day of shopping in China, fainted after breaking a £34,000 jade bracelet.

It happened while she was trying on the bracelet in the eastern Jiangxi province.

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When told its price, the woman hastily took it off.

And that's when it slipped, falling onto the tile floor, breaking in two, according to the People's Daily Online.

Passersby say the woman worked herself into such a state of shock, she fainted.

News portal Sina reports the bracelet was actually worth £20,000 and according to news website 163.com, the woman told shop staff she could only afford to pay £1,200.

The woman received treatment from medics while the matter of payment remains unresolved.

In Chinese culture, jade is valued for representing good health and warding off evil, but for this woman, it seems to have had the opposite effect.