'Worst moment of my life' says woman whose baby overheated on plane

Rosie Vare

A mum was photographed cradling her heat-stricken baby while trapped on what she has called an unbearably hot airplane.

Now, Emily France is furious at the way the airline handled the medical crisis.

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The 39-year-old mother and her four-month-old son, Owen, were flying United Airlines from Denver to El Paso, Texas, to join her husband, an astrophysicist.

Temperatures in Denver, which was experiencing a heatwave at the time, had reached 90 degrees at the Airport.

United released a statement saying: "This should have never happened and they are profoundly sorry."

Adding: "They are actively looking into what happened to prevent this from happening again."

"Medical care was provided to the child within 16 minutes of the Captain's call for paramedics."