Police officer gets a shock as he pulls over a car with an alien doll sat in the passenger seat

A police officer in America got a surprise when he pulled over a speeding motorist and found a full-scale alien doll sat in the passenger seat.

The incident happened on Sunday June 25 in Alpharetta, Georgia when a driver was caught doing 84mph. When a police motorcyclist pulled him over, to his amazement a very realistic alien was sat in the seat next to the driver.

A spokesman for police in Alpharetta, George Gordon, explained to the Associated Press that a life-size alien doll with big eyes and a large skull was found sitting in the passenger seat of the car, and was even buckled in.

The police officer even took a photo of the incident on a highway near Atlanta, and posted it on Twitter.

The man who was pulled over did not reveal why he had the alien in the car, however American news network WSBTV explained that throughout the state there are several High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

These are reserved for those traveling with one or more persons in the car who are not pre-infant. The Alien therefore could look like a second person sat in the car.

The Daily Mail reports that when one twitter user asked if the alien would count towards the requirements for a HOV lane, they replied: "Not on this planet."

The driver escaped prosecution and was given a verbal warning, as well as some laughter from the officer who pulled him over.

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