White van man hits cyclist off bike then accuses him of racism

This is the incredible moment a white van driver knocked a cyclist off his bike before accusing him of racism.

Helmetcam footage shows the white van speeding towards the cyclist as he attempts to pass another car on a narrow street in Kensington.

The van then clips the cyclist, knocking him off his bike.

Unbelievably, the van driver then turns around to berate the cyclist, despite the fact that he was in the wrong.

When other pedestrians come to the defence of the stricken biker, the van driver accuses them of ganging up on him because he is English – and even accuses them of racism, seemingly because of the fact the cyclist and the witness both speak with foreign-sounding accents.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube on Monday by Lars Mandelkow – who is believed to be the cyclist.

He commented: "Black car driver was reversing to park the car and driver behind was giving her space. The two cars on my side couldn't be bothered to wait for me or the black car finishing to park. His wing mirrors hits my handlebar. Just getting abused by him as apparently I hit him with my hand on the mirror. Should have called the Police."

Viewers came to the cyclist's defense. Dan Widdon wrote: "Very generous of you to let him get away with his anger issues, even if your footage means you can check the insurance and MOT details of the owner to report the driver for knocking you off."

Henry Armitage added: "Yes, you should have called the Police. Call them now (dial 101 on your phone)."

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