Charles marks Parachute Regiment milestone by watching Red Devils display


The Prince of Wales has celebrated his 40th anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute Regiment by watching a spectacular Red Devils display.

Wearing his tropical service dress and the Paras maroon beret, Charles joined hundreds of families, friends and old soldiers at a military barracks in Colchester for a day of events.

With everyone seated around the parade ground at Merville Barracks all eyes looked to the sky as the Parachute Regiment freefall team - The Red Devils - fell to earth.

The seven men, who are all serving Paras, trailed red smoke behind them as they hurtled to the ground then adjusted their descent and landed gracefully around a target laid out on the ground.

They carried a commemorative flag as a present for the Prince and after making their parachutes safe presented the memento to Charles.