Shocking moment a motorist overtakes stationary traffic on the wrong side of the road

This is the extraordinary moment a motorist was filmed driving down the wrong side of the road and exiting a junction.

The grey Ford Mondeo was captured making the illegal manoeuvre by a driver as they sat in traffic.

The footage shows a bus waiting to pull out from the bus stop towards a junction. Suddenly as the bus begins to move off, the Ford driver overtakes all of the cars narrowly avoiding an accident.

As they drive down the wrong side of the road they also go the wrong way out of the junction and immediately begin tailgating another car in the next road.

The incident happened between Heath Way and Shard End Crescent in Birmingham.

The Birmingham Mail spoke with the driver, who captured the incident. He said: "It puts the safety of the public at risk.

"People need to be aware of this sort of dangerous driving."

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