Video shows Chinese cab driver overtaking 50 cars in two minutes

When you think of Shanghai – the most populated city in the world with more than 24 million residents – then you think of congested roads with millions of cars traveling around.

But as this crazy footage shows, that isn't always the case. The hair-raising taxi ride to Shanghai airport captures a driver weaving in and out of traffic across four lanes on a highway out of the city.

As they made their way to Pudong International Airport, the passenger – a petrified Japanese tourist – started filming the incredible maneuvers the taxi driver was performing.

The footage shows them sharply swerving across other drivers – having several near misses with the driver remaining unfazed.

At one point you can even hear another driver sounding their horn. In just under two minutes of footage, the driver manages to overtake and undertake an incredible 50 cars.

It is assumed that the passenger didn't miss their flight.

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