Two elephants save baby after it falls into zoo enclosure pool

Elephants rescue baby that falls into zoo pool

Elephants have shown many times over that they are hugely intelligent with strong family bonds - and two adults proved it once again after immediately rescuing a baby that fell into the pool in its zoo enclosure.

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The calf is standing next to the pool with one adult at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, when it accidentally slips and falls in.

The sound of the splash alerts another elephant at the other side of the enclosure, and it immediately turns round and runs over to the scene.

It pushes the other adult elephant in the direction of the shallow end of the pool, where they both enter and reach the baby.

They push the baby back towards the shallow end, where it can eventually walk itself out of the pool, along with its rescuers.

There is also another elephant in the next paddock that can be seen apparently panicked by the incident.

The footage has been viewed over 600,000 times. One user wrote simple: "That was just beautiful", while another said: "Wow, that's amazing that's parenting goals right there. They knew the depth the moment it started heading to the end of the pool. So quick to react and the way she used her body as a wall to sustain the calf to keep from moving as well as level it upwards was very smart and impressive."

Another wrote: "They helped each other. And look how nervous the other elephant was."

And one viewer added: "Elephants are extremely intelligent animals."

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