Amazing moment driver avoids huge crash in Cornwall

This is the incredible moment a driver narrowly avoided a nasty accident.

David, whose YouTube name is randomdave99, was driving with his family down the A390 in Denas Water near Truro in Cornwall, when a car crash happened in front of them.

The video shows a DS3 hatchback smashing into the back of a turning Renault on the opposite side of the carriageway.

The impact caused the DS3 to suddenly swerve into David's path. The footage shows his amazing skills as he narrowly avoids first the DS3 and then the car following close behind before pulling over to check the occupants are unharmed.

In his description of the video he wrote: "Citroen hit the back of the turning Renault, the wreck came over to our side.

"I initially went left hard on the brakes and realised she was still coming over to us, then I went right and narrowly missed the Golf."

Warning: Video contains adult language

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