The shocking car insurance loophole you probably didn't know about

A car rests on top of a van, after a coming together in Victoria, London.

A man from Bristol has fallen victim to a car insurance loophole.

William from Bristol contacted the Mirror after he had a shocking response from his insurance company following a holiday crash.

William was driving to Dorset for a week away with his wife and their pet dog. En-route, they were involved in an accident when a third party pulled out from a junction in front of William, causing him to drive into the side of the other person's car.

As far as William was concerned it was an open and shut case and was clearly the other driver's fault.

However, in the following weeks the other driver said William had driven into him and therefore refused to accept liability.

But, more surprising news was to follow. When quizzed by his own insurance company about the occupants of the car during the crash, William told them that his wife and dog had been in the car with him.

Upon hearing this, the insurance company asked if the dog was strapped in, to which William explained he wasn't, as he didn't have to be.

To his shock, the insurance company wrote back, explaining they would be accepting liability for the crash on William's behalf, as they couldn't prove the dog hadn't been the cause of the accident.

The worst news was that this had now voided the insurance, meaning William would have to fork out for his own car - which had been declared a write off.

Despite this, William has been told by the Mirror to fight the matter as nowhere in his insurance policy does it state that it is void if animals are not restrained. He has also informed them the dog had nothing to do with the accident.

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