Sunken ship in English channel crammed with explosives that could explode at any moment

A shipwreck crammed with more than 1,000 tonnes of unexploded Second World War bombs which could explode at any time is currently sunk off the Kent coast, with one expert saying it could cause a 'tsunami'.

The SS Montgomery sank en route to France in the Thames Estuary off Sheerness in Kent in 1944 while carrying weapons intended for use by the Allies.

However the vessel dragged her anchor and became grounded on a sandbank, approximately 250 metres from the Medway Approach Channel, KentLive reports.

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A documentary by Action Plus Media, which took five years to make, is exposing the facts about "time-bomb".

Experts have calculated the potential explosive velocity of the bombs remaining on the wreck equates to half of the bombs that obliterated Dresden, according to Huffington Post.

Any attempts to offload the bombs would not only cause logistical problems, it will also be highly dangerous.

Gordon Henderson, MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey said: "The problem is this: You would have to evacuate the whole of Sheppey, pretty well, if you were going to start messing around with that ship and in the real world, for a government to evacuate from their homes 40,000 people and all the businesses associated with the generation of the economy on Sheppey and expect months later everything to return to normal is simply fanciful. It's not going to happen.

"If that ship was to go up now, the worst that would happen would be there would be a tsunami."

Credits: Maritime Coastguard Agency

Maritime Coastguard Agency

Some of the bombs have been removed in a salvage operation, but more than 70 years on 1,400 tonnes of live ammunition is still on board.

The top of the masts can still be seen peeking from the water with warning signs attached saying "Danger - Unexploded Ammunition. Do Not Approach or Board This Wreck".

The plight of the stranded ship could be heading to the big screen in a documentary narrated by Ian McShane, best known for playing Lovejoy.

It is directed by Ken Rowles and produced by a team in Kent.

Credits: Ken Rowles/Youtube

They spent five years filming the wreck and pose the provocative question 'Is this a time bomb threatening London?'

The producers are looking for crowdfunding to complete the project and promote it.

It includes interviews with Merchant Marine veterans, volunteers on board the SS Jeremiah O'Brien which is docked in San Francisco and local historians.

The film is presented by broadcaster David Riley.

They aim to have the film ready for worldwide distribution in October 2017.

In 2004 the New Scientist reported that if the ship exploded it would be one biggest non-nuclear blasts ever and destroy the nearby port of Sheerness.

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