UK weather: Weekend brings heat for south and rain for north

Roshina Jowaheer

The UK is to experience a weekend of warm and wet weather as the south sees temperatures of up to 23C, while the north is soaked with blustery showers.

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According to The Weather Channel, Saturday and Sunday will be "unsettled" across Britain.

The north-west can expect rain and windy conditions, with cool evenings. Higher pressure in the south will bring dry and bright conditions.

Marco Petagna at the Met Office told The Sun: "This weekend is going to be quite changeable with rain clearing to sunshine and showers... Low pressure is bringing outbreaks of rain but an increase in pressure across southern parts will bring quieter conditions."

From Monday, the Met Office says Britain will experience breezy weather with showers and spells of rain at times in the northwest. It will be largely settled further south, barring a few showers, with increasing amounts of sunshine and become warmer.

Mr Petagna added: "Into next week things become a bit more settled across southern parts of the UK. There's going to be a bit of a north-south split next week.

"Any rain or drizzle will be in very light patches so it'll be dry and quite cloudy. It won't be as warm with temperatures around 20/21C."

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