Watch this incredible rally truck getting airborne 

This footage shows the amazing moment Russian truck rally driver Eduard Nikolaev managed to get this racing Kamaz lorry off the ground.

The Red Bull sponsored lorry, weighing just over ten tons, completed the Paris-Dakar Rally earlier this year, winning the world famous race back in January.

The footage shows it darting round the northwestern city of Murmansk in Russia, in the snow.

The incredible clip shows the 1,000bhp truck in mid-air as it is hammered around this ice track.

Nikolaev manages to keep the truck completely under control thanks to hugely grippy, spiked Continental tyres.

The heavily modified suspension also helps and is designed to take 12G as the truck touches back down on the ground again.

The footage also cuts to different shots of all the mechanical elements of the lorry as they are in motion, with the prop-shaft and 16-speed mechanical synchromesh gearbox being a particular highlight.

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