Group of pigs cause chaos on Japanese highway

This is the dramatic moment a lorry load of pigs bound for slaughter decided it was time to save their bacon.

The truck was transporting 37 pigs to a slaughterhouse when 19 of them managed to break free from the back of the truck onto a highway in the Ikeda area of Osaka, Japan.

The footage was caught by a driver traveling in the opposite direction and shows how far the animals got during their escape.

A major operation was undertaken to recapture them all. Many of them were scattered across the carriageway, some sleeping, while others were spotted on the hard shoulder taking a rest.

The operation meant closing a section of the highway for more than five hours in order to retrieve the pigs safely.

Emergency services can be seen blocking off any potential route the pigs have, stopping them from entering live lanes of traffic.

According to Japanese media, none of the pigs were injured during the incident. It is unclear if the pigs carried on their journey to the slaughterhouse

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