Video captures moment Jesus’ face ‘appears’ on a lorry

This is the bizarre moment a motorist spotted the face of Jesus on the back of a lorry.

The driver, whose YouTube name is Joeyvesh13, was driving along a highway in Montreal, Canada, when the truck caught his attention.

From certain angles the metal pipes, tubes and hoses at the rear of the lorry resemble the face of Christ.

As he approaches the back of the vehicle the image becomes clearer, with the optical illusion showing an evident pair of eyes, mouth and even long black hair.

Commenting online about capturing the footage on his dashcam, Joeyvesh13 wrote: "You can see the long hair, beard and crown of thorns.

"The closer I got the more you can see that it was simply a set of tubes and hoses arranged in a way that coincidentally showed a face that resembled Jesus."

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