Burgling biker lands in canal while trying to evade police

This is the amusing moment a dim-witted crook fell into a canal while trying to evade police on his motorbike.

The chase, which took place in Erdington, Birmingham, last December, saw the biker travel at speeds of up to 80mph in a 30mph zone in his attempt to avoid capture by the police.

Unfortunately for the rider, he lost control of the bike on a canal tow path, and splashed into the murky water.

After clambering out, thermal imaging from a police helicopter shows the man continuing is escape attempt on foot.

However, thanks to the fact the helicopter was tracking him, officers on the ground soon arrived to place the man under arrest.

According to West Midlands Police, the biker and his accomplice had been raiding pubs across the Midlands, smashing open fruit machines with hammers. Their six-week burglary spree saw them pocket £33,000 in pound coins and cause £20,000 in damage.

Police said in a comment on the YouTube video that the biker was sentenced to seven years in prison, while his accomplice received six years and four months.

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