Daredevils zip-line off the Eiffel Tower

Ruth Doherty

Daredevils have found their latest thrill in Paris as organisers launch a zip line from the 2nd floor of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

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Yep the chance to go all James Bond-esque en France is real. But it's for a limited time only so you'll have to book tickets to Paris sharpish.

The zip line has been created by Perrier as part of a promotion for the French Open, reports the Metro.

They've called the zip line Le Perrier Smash (scared yet?), and it will see you jump from 375ft high and travel across the Champs de Mars at 55 miles an hour.

The BBC reports that the idea is that anyone trying it will get an idea of how fast a tennis ball travels (approx 55mph).

It points out that this is still not as quick as the world's fastest zip line, which is actually in north Wales, and reaches speeds of up to 119mph.

From 5 to 11 June there'll be 100 rides a day available at the Eiffel Tower zip line. And there's a virtual go in case you change your mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Vite!