Big Brother contestants divided as People's Housemate sends eight to exile

The housemates' first night in the Big Brother house has already seen the group split in two.

Channel 5's reality series kicked off its summer run on Monday night and at the launch named Tom Barber as the "People's Housemate".

Following the public vote, his first duty was to choose which of his new housemates would be granted citizenship and which would be exiled, running the risk of eviction on Friday night.

Barber's choices have already proved controversial as he split up husband and wife Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed, granting him citizenship but not her.

He also split up the three other contestant pairs, exiling Rebecca Jane, Charlotte Keys and Hannah Agboola, but giving the more luxurious accommodation to Kieran Lee, Mandy Longworth and Deborah Agboola.

The People's Housemate labelled Chanelle McCleary "loud and annoying" as he exiled her, causing her to scream in his face and complain "that's so annoying".

Raphael Korine was exiled for stating in his introductory video that he planned to be a game player, Arthur Fulford was banished for drinking too much of the house alcohol, and Lotan Carter was the final contestant not granted citizenship.

Ellie Young, Kayleigh Morris and Joe Quaranta were all made citizens and welcomed to Rose Cottage, the more comfortable side of the house, while the exiled group had to check into the dark and dingy quarters of Thorn Cottage.

:: Big Brother continues on Wednesday on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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