Watch as a man smashes a car window with a hammer during parking row

Horrendous footage has cropped up online showing a furious man smashing the windscreen of a woman's Fiat 500 in a tiff over parking.

The footage, which was recorded in Chesterton, Staffordshire, shows the man hitting the car's windscreen with the large hammer, cracking it immediately.

After hitting the car a couple of times, the man then approaches its owner as she films the encounter, shaking the hammer at her in a threatening manner in the process.

He attempts to grab the camera out of the woman's hand after she tells her mother to call the police.

As the man continues his advance on the woman, her mother jumps in to push him away. He loses his balance and tumbles into the road.

After picking himself up, the man continues to yell at the woman to move her car.

She retorts: "Well I can't now because you just smashed my window."

The video ends shortly after, and it is unclear whether the situation escalated any further.

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