These flying facts will gross you out

dirty flying secrets
dirty flying secrets

Air travel can be pretty gross - and we're not just talking about spending hours on a plane with no fresh air. If you thought the toilets were the only filthy spot on your flight, you're about to be unpleasantly surprised by these dirty revelations from airline employees.

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Get the anti-bacterial gel ready for your next flight as these will change everything you thought you knew about flying. Do you enjoy a cup of coffee from the trolley? You won't after reading this. Thought the tray table was a clean enough place to have your meal? It's far from hygienic. Even strapping yourself in will make you want to wear disposable gloves before touching the seat belt once you've heard an unlucky passenger's horror story.

And if you're travelling with a soft shell suitcase, you'll want to invest in hard shell luggage after reading the most disgusting story we've ever heard about flying.

Prepare to be grossed out by these shockingly dirty secrets...