Watch the frightening moment a motorist nearly causes a major accident

This is the terrifying moment a driver nearly causes a head-on collision as they overtake.

The shocking footage shows a motorist driving along when suddenly a blue Renault Megane coupe overtakes at speed and misses an oncoming Volkswagen camper van by inches.

The incident took place on Shute Road near Axminster in Devon on Sunday May 28, and was captured on dashcam by another vehicle.

The driver wishes to remain anonymous, so a relative has shared the footage on social media.

Somerset Live reported that the video has been shared on Facebook more than 150 times.

The relative of the camera driver shared the video, saying: "Guys need your help if anyone knows or recognises this car. Yesterday nearly caused an accident. Shocking video. Please share video."

The footage has been handed over to the authorities, but Devon and Cornwall police are yet to make a statement about the incident.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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