Julian Assange 'looking into' US radio guest host offer


Julian Assange has indicated that he may guest host a US radio show from inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The WikiLeaks founder said he was "looking into" filling in for Sean Hannity after the presenter offered him a one-off chance to host his conservative talk show.

But Mr Assange said the appearance was complicated by him being inside the central London embassy, which he has not left for nearly five years.

"I'm looking into it," Mr Assange, 45, told US broadcaster CNN on Wednesday.

"My physical circumstances means that nothing is easy."

The opportunity arose after he tweeted that "several" US networks suggested he started "weekly" broadcasts from within the building where he has sought asylum.

The Sean Hannity Show host replied: "If you would like to fill in for me one day I am on over 550 stations and 14 plus million listeners."

The Fox News presenter has not always been so fond of Mr Assange, having accused him of "waging war" against the US by publishing a cache of leaked documents over which he still faces extradition if he leaves the embassy.

But his tone changed after Mr Assange announced he would leak files that would later hinder the campaign of Hillary Clinton, US president Donald Trump's election opponent.

The Australian remains in the embassy despite Swedish prosecutors dropping a seven-year investigation over an allegation of rape, which he denies,on May 19.

Scotland Yard warned it would execute an arrest warrant for failing to surrender to court in 2012 if he left the embassy.