Mother has choice words for driver who crashes after overtaking manoeuvre

A shocking video of a driver's lucky escape during a crash has emerged.

The footage shows Jamie Loren, 30, driving along a busy country road on the Isle of Wight with her children in the car, when a motorist in a Citroen Saxo dangerously overtakes her just before a bend.

The driver overtakes into the path of an oncoming coach and quickly swerves left, just before a bend.

He then loses control of the back end of the car on the bend, before it lifts up into the air on two wheels.

It crashes back onto the road before flying into the verge and towards a ditch.

The woman uses expletives as the incident unfolds, and decides to confront the driver. She is heard saying: "Are you some kind of moron? Dude, you could have killed yourself or someone else".

The driver of the crashed Citroen can be heard saying 'sorry', before being questioned by Loren on whether he has taken anything.

Loren reported the incident to Hampshire police, but received a letter from them explaining that it would not be taking any further action.

It said: "Under our current policy, Hampshire Constabulary will not be investigating incidents of this nature unless there is a significant ongoing threat to public safety, or if the vehicle is a known repeat offender for traffic offences."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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