Tomasz Schafernaker named UK's favourite weather presenter

TRIC Awards 2010
TRIC Awards 2010

Tomasz Schafernaker has been voted the nation's favourite weather presenter.

He beat off competition from fellow BBC forecaster Carol Kirkwood in the poll of meteorologists past and present.

Schafernaker, who in 2001 became the youngest man to present BBC weather at the age of 22, said: "I'm really flattered... Hopefully we'll have a lovely summer."

And he joked: "It won't be anything to do with me though! I'm not promising - that's why I'm saying hopefully..."

BBC Scotland's Judith Ralston came third in the survey of readers of

In 2010, the BBC apologised after Schafernaker was caught making a rude gesture live on air on the BBC News channel.

He raised his middle finger to news presenter Simon McCoy, not realising he was still on

Tim Glanfield, editor, said: "Despite the availability of weather forecasts at the touch of a button or a swipe of the phone, the fact that 25,000 people voted for their favourite weather presenter just shows the enduring popularity of our TV meteorological guides to us weather-obsessed Brits."

Top 10

1. Tomasz Schafernaker

2. Carol Kirkwood

3. Judith Ralston

4. Sean Batty

5. Paul Hudson

6. Owain Wyn Evans

7. Sian Welby

8. Keeley Donovan

9. Ian McCaskill

10. Derek Brockway