Sheepdog Blake is found - but without best friend Bella

Bella and Blake
Bella and Blake

A sheepdog that went missing with a two-day-old lamb it befriended has been returned to its home in Nottinghamshire after three weeks.

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Lamb Bella is still missing but owner Natalie Haywood is hopeful she will be brought home.

She said Border collie Blake is "all well" and behaving "like nothing has happened".

He and his woolly companion were inseparable after Haywood adopted the lamb from a famer neighbour, the BBC reports.

Because she was so young, Bella needed regular bottle feeding.

A £1,000 reward was offered by TV presenter Philip Schofield after the pair went missing.

Tracking dogs were used in the search and cameras were set up.

Footprints were found after a week that the friends went missing which indicated they were still together.

Natalie said: "Unfortunately we haven't had any luck finding them but we did pick up some fresh scents and some footprints around the Perlethorpe area.