Kent woman has parking ticket revoked following viral video

A woman from Rochester in Kent has had a parking fine repealed after she appeared to park outside a space.

It comes after musician Jayne Snow, 26, was handed the £50 fine as her car encroached over the solid white lines of the parking bay. She decided to make a video about how unfair it was.

In the video, Snow can be seen measuring the space at just 3.3 metres, proving it to be much shorter than the minimum 4.8-metre size Medway council claims its spaces must be.

Her measurements in the Rochester Cathedral car park clearly show parking spaces that would struggle to accommodate even the smallest of vehicles, let alone her Hyundai Santa Fe SUV.

Snow, who is a well-known busker in London, told news website Real-Fix: "I don't know if they would have been so quick to cancel the fine if I had not done the video, but it is great news.

"I just want to raise awareness of issues like this, a lot of people get fines and never challenge them. This is an example of why you should."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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