Is this the future of parking? Introducing Stan the robotic parking valet

This is Stan - a parking robot from French start up company Stanley Robotics.

He is a robot valet service that is designed to park your car for you - handy in tight multi-storeys or airports.

Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris has already implemented it at a cost of more than £3.1 million.

The system works via a smartphone app where you book your allocated parking space at a certain time.

Then once you have arrived at the parking area, you confirm your booking at the entrance to the garage, and leave your car - keeping the keys.

On your return, you simply use the app to get your car back.

According to the company, Stan uses a lifting system to pick the car up. It then scans the car to recognise its size and shape, adjusting the lift accordingly.

It can carry up to five vehicles at a time too, which can increase parking capacity by up to 50 per cent.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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