Man in Trump hat gets escorted off United Flight

A passenger in a 'Make America Great Again' hat has put United Airlines back in the spotlight.

The man reportedly refused to let anybody sit next to him on the flight from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey, even though there were passengers assigned to the row.

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Video shows him calling one passenger 'Hillary.' Passengers deplaned while police arrived and the man was eventually escorted off the plane.

He was met with calls from frustrated passengers to 'charge him' and 'lock him up' - a possible reference to chants of of 'lock her up', referring to Hillary Clinton, which were often heard at Trump's rallies during the presidential campaign.

According to the Daily Mail, one witness said the man asked to be upgraded to first class and, when his request was denied, he walked to the rear of the plane and blocked access to his row of seats.

The NBC Bay Area reports that a United spokesman said the man "eventually left the aircraft of his own accord".

The flight was scheduled to depart Shanghai at 3.44pm on Sunday but did not leave until 8.44pm following the incident.