Russian taxi dashboard is screen crazy

Footage showing the amazing cockpit inside a Russian taxi is going viral.

The video captured by a passenger travelling on-board the taxi in Moscow at the time shows the 13 different screens dotted all across the windscreen and dashboard fascia.

According to Ilya Nikolov, who was a passenger at the time, 10 of those screens were just to take calls for pickups.

Another was a satellite navigation careen and another was a video camera. The thirteenth one however was a television screen, hopefully for the customer's entertainment rather than the driver's.

The video also shows how much room each screen takes up in the cabin, restricting a huge amount of the windscreen for the driver to see out of.

Lots of people have been commenting on the footage. One person said "No one needs that many screens blocking the view and as a distraction whilst driving."

Another said: "If this guy isn't an ''accident waiting to happen'' I don't know what one is. Worst part is he thinks he's making his life better, safer even!"

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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