Airline introduces facial recognition at check-in

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A new Delta Airlines kiosk checks your face before it checks your bags.

In what it calls an effort to "save customers time" and "streamline airline processes," Delta Airlines has announced they will be the first US carrier to test facial recognition software to match passengers to their luggage.

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Four machines will be installed at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport at a cost of $600,000. The goal is to make luggage drop-off all self-service.

One of the machines will use facial recognition to match your passport and then print out the tags for your baggage.

Passengers would then tag them and drop them off on a nearby conveyor belt.

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At the moment, most airlines still require people who use self-service check-ins to see an agent to drop off bags.

Delta says it will evaluate customer feedback during the testing period this summer, and sites studies that say self-service bag drops like these could potentially double the amount of customers processed per hour.

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