Young boy drives dad’s truck home in bizarre footage

Stunning footage that appears to show a young boy driving a pick-up truck all by himself has cropped up online.

The clip, which was filmed by the boy's father, shows the black Toyota Hilux pull out onto a busy road – thought to be in Hertfordshire – as the young lad's dad follows in another vehicle.

After merging with traffic without any trouble, the boy's truck continues to drive down the road.

As the man watches his son's efforts, he can be heard saying to a young girl, thought to be his daughter: "This is what we do – we don't change because of the times. Times maybe change but we don't.

"It's no big deal. I done it since I was no age and he has to do the same.

"My daddy done that with me and Jonny does it now."

The bizarre journey continues without incident, although there is a slight hiccup when the boy appears to have trouble navigating a tight corner.

The young girl can be heard shouting "he's crashed!", but the man reassures her he hasn't.

"He won't crash – he knows his job. Believe me, he knows his job," the man says.

The video ends with the pick-up pulling onto a gravel driveway before turning around and coming towards the camera car.

As it approaches, the window is wound down to reveal a young boy at the wheel.

The footage was shared on Facebook earlier this month, and has attracted mixed responses.

One commentator wrote: "He drives better than most of the fools on the roads these days."

However, another hit back, saying: "This is poor parenting and to top it off it's St Albans. Not a chance if he hits you."

The clip has been viewed more than 112,000 times since it was posted online.

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