‘Broken’ Bentley bought back by manufacturer

A businessman whose £140,000 Bentley Continental GTC V8 was fixed 14 times in 10 months, has had the car bought back by the manufacturer.

Brent Miller, 54, bought the approved used Bentley Continental GTC with just 1,300 miles on the clock.

But over the next 10 months, the car developed numerous issues, including a leak in the boot that caused the electronics to malfunction and mould to break out on the luxurious interior.

Another more alarming fault was the driver's door opening of its own accord ...at speed.

Miller told The Sun: "I'd only been going about half an hour when the door pinged open. You could hear the road and the wind.

"Within days the door actually came wide open. I thought that's bloody dangerous."

Miller added that the convertible roof and windows would also operate on their own.

In the 4,700 miles before the car was finally returned to Bentley, Millar took the car for repairs no less than 14 times – racking up an estimated 2,000 miles taking it back to the factory.

Mr Miller has since been given a refund and the experience hasn't put him off the prestige marque as he promptly shelled out £180,000 on buying a brand-new example instead.

This week Miller received an out of court settlement to cover costs from the finance company he originally used to buy the car.

However, he said he is still not satisfied with Bentley's handling of the matter. He said: "I haven't been offered any compensation for a hell of a lot of stress and strain."

A spokesperson for the Crewe based manufacturer, said: "This is an unfortunate one-off where the customer experience has not lived up to what we would typically expect of a Bentley.

"We are naturally very disappointed that Mr Miller is not happy with Bentley."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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