The worst flight horror stories as told by cabin crew

With recent stories about flying in the news you'd be forgiven for thinking that passengers experienced the worst of flying but cabin crew have a few shocking encounters of their own - and some of these will truly terrify you.

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Extreme turbulence with travellers crying and screaming, children sneezing blood in their mouths and flashing passengers leaving junior members of staff in tears are just some of the horrifying things flight attendants have had to deal with. Then there are the passengers who die unexpectedly mid-flight. Ever wondered how cabin crew handle death on a plane?

Bird strike
Bird strike

Other scary flight situations include the time a stowaway was found hiding in the toilet and a vomiting, feverish flyer travelled from a country where a viral haemorrhagic disease was spotted.

If you're a germaphobe, have a fear of flying or are thinking of becoming a flight attendant or pilot, these stories from cabin crew around the world might put you off ever being cooped up with strangers in a tiny cabin at 35,000 feet again...