Tim Pigott-Smith 'superb' in 'thought-provoking' TV drama King Charles III

The late Tim Pigott-Smith has been lauded for one of his final appearances on screen in TV drama King Charles III.

The actor, who died suddenly in April aged 70, portrayed a post-accession Prince of Wales in the 90-minute BBC Two adaptation having previously played the role in the theatre production on Broadway and in the West End.

As Charles, now monarch after the Queen's death, he refuses to sign a controversial bill into law leading to a constitutional crisis, rioting on the streets and a tank in front of Buckingham Palace.

Viewers on social media called for Pigott-Smith to be awarded a Bafta for the performance while the show creators dedicated the programme to him in the final credits.

Jonathan Harden wrote on Twitter: "What a treat to have this superb performance by Tim Pigott-Smith captured on film. One of the greats. And a gentleman. RIP."

Paul Reed posted: "Best thing I've seen on TV this year. Tim Pigott-Smith just incredible. What a loss he is."

Wendy Wilson said: "Tim Pigott-Smith needs to be given BAFTA immediately."

Beverley Clark wrote: "Blown away by #KingCharlesIII. Clever, thought-provoking stuff. And a fitting final piece for Tim Pigott-Smith who was superb. Wonderful!"

Before the show's broadcast, the decision to include scenes of Diana, Princess of Wales appearing as a ghost caused controversy as several Conservative MPs lambasted the BBC.

And as the show aired, several fans described the scenes as "tasteless".

Duncan Flynn wrote: "Without wanting to sound like Mary Whitehouse, these scenes with Diana's ghost are really tasteless ... it is cringeworthy. Also isn't this a bit political for a public service broadcaster to air during an election campaign?"

Zoe Warnes posted: "Diana's ghost is just poor taste."

Marc Owen Jones wrote: "Charles III was excellent (apart from ghost Diana). Monarchy is an anachronism."

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