Scorned woman clings to windscreen of cheating husband's car

Bizarre footage has emerged from South Africa that shows a scorned wife clinging to the windscreen of her cheating husband's car as he drives down a busy road.

The clip, which was recorded in Pretoria, shows the woman sitting on the bonnet of the car, screaming at her husband and the woman sat in the passenger seat.

The man then drives away, with his wife still sat on the white Volkswagen's bonnet.

Norah Pitje, who uploaded the video to Facebook, wrote: "This woman found her man with his side chick.

"She somehow jumped on the car and the idiot man protecting his side chick so badly drove with her on his bonnet."

Another recording of the encounter shows the two women fighting over the man as if they were in a tug-of-war.

The bizarre clip has been viewed more than 17,000 times since Pitje posted it to Facebook on Monday.

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