Passers-by lift Mercedes off young boy following crash

This is the incredible moment strangers came to the rescue of a seven-year-old boy trapped underneath a two-tonne Mercedes-Benz.

Video footage, recorded on May 7, shows around 15 people lifting the white hatchback off the young boy, who had been hit by a car on St Peter's Road in the Highfields area of Leicester.

Emergency services arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, and took the boy to Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham where he remains in a critical but stable condition.

Vijay Vadgama, 23, recorded the amazing rescue. He told the Daily Mail: "All of a sudden there was a huge 'bang' outside. All I could hear was just people shouting 'stop, stop, stop' at the top of their voices.

"I immediately thought the worst. I could hear people running and screams.

"I could see the boy trapped under the car. Clearly the boy had been hit. I could see the mum walking up to the traffic lights, clearly thinking that he would be there.

"She just turned around, saw her son under the car and collapsed, almost straight away. I can't imagine what she must have gone through in that moment.

"I couldn't believe how quickly the community came together to rescue the boy from underneath the car.

"There were paramedics there, and they went over to treat the son and his mum, who got back on her feet and looked to be pretty shaken up."

Police confirmed they had been called to the scene and that the boy was being treated in hospital.

They added that the driver was uninjured and that no offence had been committed.

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