Irish beach that vanished 33 years ago suddenly reappears

Achill Island beach reappears

A golden sand beach that was washed away over 30 years ago has reappeared on Achill Island in Ireland.

The beach, near the village of Dooagh, disappeared in 1984 when storms washed away all the sand and left it with nothing but rock pools.

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But now tourists and villagers can enjoy walks along the picturesque stretch after the sea dumped tonnes of sand on the beach over ten days in April, the Irish Independent reports.

Alan Gielty, owner of the local Gielty's Bar and Restaurant, told the newspaper: "There's a lot of people coming in to see it now. I've a little coffee shop here and since the news broke there's people calling every day to see the beach."

Meanwhile, Sean Molloy, at Achill Tourism, told ITV News: "Before it disappeared, the beach had been there for as long as living memory, almost continuously, until 1984-85.

"It's so nice for the villagers to have their beach back.

"It is an incredible example of the force and power of nature and how the coast can change in a matter of days."

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