Orangutan freed after being kept in box for two years

An orangutan named Kotap has been freed after spending two years trapped in a 10 square foot wooden box in West Borneo.

The announcement was made in a news release by International Animal Rescue which spearheaded the effort.

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According to the group, the four-year-old primate had been taken by a local man who had kept him in a cage by his house so as not to bother the neighbours.

He reportedly fed the animal human food including bread, rice, uncooked instant noodles and sugary beverages.

Eventually forestry officials were able to convince the man to surrender the orangutan but the transition afterwards was not an easy one.

One vet said: "Kotap was very stressed by all the strangers who gathered to see him when he was taken out of the box.

"He became nervous and agressive, which is not surprising.

"So, during the long journey back to the centre we kept people away from him, so that he remained as quiet and calm as possible."

The rescue group CEO pointed out: "At four years old he should still be with his mother, learning from her how to climb and move through the forest - what foods to eat, and what to avoid. And how to build a nest in the trees to sleep in each night.

"Thankfully now he will join other rescued orangutans at our centre and be given the chance to return to the forest where he belongs.