Lucky biker surfs car to safety

A motorcyclist in Portugal has had a lucky escape after ploughing into the back of a vehicle, only to land on its rear windshield and ride the car to safety.

Captured via a camera mounted to a fellow motorcyclist's helmet, the brief video shows a biker speeding along the inside lane until he suddenly crashes into the rear of a car.

The high-powered motorcycle is thrown into the air and flips along the motorway, spreading debris across the lanes.

A fellow biker, who appears to have the camera attached to his helmet, then catches up with the car, only to be confronted by the stricken motorcyclist hanging on to the smashed rear windscreen.

Luckily, the motorist manages to bring the vehicle to a safe stop on the hard shoulder, where the motorcyclist slides off the rear, apparently unhurt.

It is not clear whether the car pulled into the inside lane, catching the motorcyclist unaware, or whether the speeding biker was undertaking slower moving vehicles without seeing the car in his path.

The video ends with a still image of the stricken Suzuki GSXR, which is understandably smashed to pieces.

Written by Leon Poultney

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