Elon Musk goes underground to beat future traffic

Tesla Motors founder and future-thinking entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed plans that could see a network of high-speed underground tunnels built below cities in order to ease growing levels of congestion.

The tech tycoon, who made his millions from founding and selling PayPal, presented his vision at a TED talk recently, where he laid out plans for The Boring Company, an infrastructure and tunnelling business he set up in 2016.

According to Musk, one of the most soul-destroying things in life is traffic. "It affects people in every part of the world. It takes away so much of your life. It's horrible. It's particularly horrible in LA," he said at the recent talk.

To counter this problem, The Boring Company is looking into a series of complex underground tunnels that would house a network of monorails on which cars could breeze at speeds of up to 130mph towards their destination.

A video, which was released by the company, shows vehicles pulling up to a platform that Musk refers to as "a sort of car skate". A specially designed elevator then lowers this platform underground.

Once locked into the 'car skate' and lowered, the platform then joins the monorail network and speed towards a pre-selected destination.

Musk's utopian vision would also include glass pods that pedestrians and cyclists could use to get to destinations quickly.

The tech billionaire was quick to address the outlay of such a system but said that The Boring Company was already developing a machine that could lower costs by simultaneously tunnelling and reinforcing.

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