Lorry tyre explodes, crushing nearby Toyota

A video has been released showing the frightening moment a tyre crushed a Toyota Corolla.

The tyre was being inflated at a lorry depot in Kiselyovsk, south-central Russia, when the accident occurred.

It is reported that while an attendant was filling the three-tonne tyre with air, they became distracted. As a result of over-inflation, it violently exploded off the lorry.

After smashing into a wall it bounced off and landed on top of the Toyota, crushing it flat.

The car belonged to a female accountant of the depot, and was written off due to the severity of the damage.

Luckily nobody was injured in the blast.

The incident was captured on CCTV and has since gone viral. Various comments have been left, including one from commentator 'Aleksey P.' who said: 'Thank God, no one was in the car. I think it is impossible to survive after being smashed like that.'

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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