Passenger kicked off plane for using toilet

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Removing passengers from planes seems to be a common occurrence nowadays.

And now, another video has surfaced of this man getting kicked off a Delta flight - for using the toilet.

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See also: Autistic girl kicked off flight after making pilot feel 'uncomfortable' Kima Hamilton was waiting for take off on the plane that would take him from Atlanta to Milwaukee.

After 30 minutes of taxiing, Hamilton felt a strong urge to use the restroom so he got up - but a flight attendant told him the plane would lose their spot in line to takeoff so Hamilton sat back down.

However, Hamilton says the urge grew stronger so he got back up and used the loo.

The pilot came on and said they had to remove a passenger.

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Two Delta agents came up to Hamilton one at a time and asked him to exit the plane, not explaining what he had done wrong.

Krista and Mike Rosolino, who were sitting across the aisle from Hamilton, captured the entire ordeal on video.

All passengers were asked to get off the plane and Hamilton was not let back on.

He then had no choice to pay for an overpriced same day ticket home on another airline.

This is not the first incident of passengers being treated poorly recently.

United Airlines passenger David Dao was violently removed from the plane that was too crowded for airline staff.

And a separate confrontation on an American Airlines flight to San Francisco involved a flight attendant yanking a stroller from a woman and her baby.

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