May Day weekend 'Black Friday' worst day of the year for road accidents

 PLEASE NOTE: LONG EXPOSURE EFFECT WAS USED A view of the traffic moving around the Darenth Interchange on the M25 motorway near Dartford in Kent.

Roads across the country will be hit by "Black Friday" tomorrow – the day of the year when the highest number of accidents occur.

According to car care company Accident Exchange, as many as 10,500 accidents will take place on British roads tomorrow, as motorists vie to make the most of the May Day bank holiday weekend.

This is an increase of 75 per cent compared with the average 24-hour period.

The company analysed 27,000 accidents over the course of a year, discovering that the May Day bank holiday weekend had the highest number of accidents when compared with any other weekend.

Operations director for Accident Exchange, Scott Hamilton-Cooper, said: "A high volume of motorists rushing onto the roads to take advantage of the long weekend and traditionally poor weather conditions means that a spike in accidents comes as little surprise."

Insurance companies could be hit with millions of pounds' worth of claims, too. The average repair cost for a car accident is £2,050, meaning £21 million worth of crashes could happen tomorrow.

According to price comparison website, almost 37 per cent of the UK's estimated 45 million drivers will descend onto our roads over the three-day weekend.

Amanda Stretton, the motoring editor at, said: "As UK drivers recover from the chaos of one bank holiday, another is very quickly upon us and we can expect this to be equally as busy on the roads.

"Drivers without strict plans may want to consider driving on Monday, as this is likely to be the quietest day on the roads."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones
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