United Airlines flight in emergency landing after engine 'overheats'

Rosie Vare

There's been more drama for United Airlines after a plane had to perform an emergency landing after one of its engines overheated over the ocean.

That's according to a reporter who was onboard United flight 1516 which was bound for Houston from Costa Rica.

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Here's what one man on board the plane tweeted: "One of my plane's engines overheated over the ocean.

"We about crashed in an emergency landing before the pilot quickly pulled up. So scary."

United Airlines confirmed the incident saying: "The plane landed safely and a new aircraft is being sent to take customers to Houston tomorrow.

"We apologise to all customers on board for their experience and will be providing compensation for the inconvenience."

It's not great timing for the troubled airline.

This incident comes just weeks after David Dao was violently dragged from an overbooked flight causing a massive outrage.

The attorney representing Dao told the Today Show he will be filing a lawsuit.

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