SUV driver rams VW after heated road rage incident

A man who lost his temper during a road rage incident used his SUV to ram the other motorist's car.

Dramatic video shows the driver of a Hyundai Santa Fe repeatedly crashing into the side of a Volkswagen Passat, which is parked in the middle of a street in Suihua City, China.

It's unclear what caused the incident, but witnesses say the driver of the VW got out of his vehicle to remonstrate with the SUV driver. Following a heated debated, the Hyundai driver then took his anger out on the Passat, which had reportedly only just been bought.

The driver's door, which had been left open, was folded back on its hinges, while both cars sustained extensive damage.

Police arrested both men and local media report they intend to charge the SUV driver with the destruction of private property.

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