Motorists caught pulling a pram alongside a car on busy road


The bizarre moment a car was pulled over by police as an occupant dragged a pram alongside it has been caught on camera.

The incident, filmed in Chelyabinsk in Russia, shows a blue car driving down a busy city street with a passenger hanging out of the window while pulling a pram.

Shocked passers-by had called the police as they feared for the child's safety, especially given the sub-zero temperatures.

However, after officers pulled the driver over they found that the pram was actually empty and decided not to punish the occupants.

The city of Chelyabinsk is close to where a meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere in 2013. The 20-metre object exploded causing a bright flash of light that was caught on multiple car dashcams – the shockwave and resulting falling debris injured 1,500 people.