An all-new electric MG has been given the go ahead


Called the E-Motion, it is MG's concept sports car and is currently on display at the Shanghai motor show.

Designed to push the brand more upmarket, the design is sweeping and elegant, and certainly stands out in Shanghai, with one of its most eye-catching features being gullwing doors.

Similar to those on the BMW i8, once open a four-seat layout is revealed.

It is designed to be a coupe that has performance to match the looks, but with a similar footprint to that of Toyota's nimble GT86.

Details for the concept are still scarce, but a reported 0-60mph time of 3.8 seconds would make it just 0. 4 seconds slower than a Tesla Model X.

An all-new electric MG has been given the go ahead

An all-new electric MG has been given the go ahead

It has been designed by MG's parent company SAIC that wanted something to replace the old MG TF roadster that ceased production six years ago. The E-Motion is hoped to bring back some of the sports car popularity that the TF and historic models such as the MGB and Midget held, but with the latest technology added.

Zhang Liang, MG Product portfolio planning director, told motoring magazine Auto Express "This time I want to do it different. From an architecture perspective we are prepared and we have a new energy system available.

"A lot of work and research has been done. The next step is to gather audience and customer feedback," Liang added. "In another word we plan to make it; we are prepared for production. But when, we have to see."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones