Scorpion 'falls from overhead locker and stings man on flight'

A United Airlines passenger claims a scorpion fell from an overhead locker and stung him.

Richard Bell was on board a flight from Calgary to Houston when the incident occurred.

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The scorpion reportedly fell onto his head before Mr Bell reached up and removed it.

He dropped it on his plate, before picking it up again, and that's when it stung.

Speaking to CBS New York, he said: "We were on the plane about an hour, having dinner, and then something fell on my head, so I grabbed it. I was hanging onto it.

"It was lucky that it hit my nail more than my skin I think, so maybe my thumbnail saved me a little bit."

Richard was travelling with his wife on the way back from a holiday in Mexico. United apologised and offered credit for a future flight.

The scorpion was honey-coloured and around an inch and a half long.

The creature was stamped on by a Mexican man sitting near the couple, and then put down the toilet.

According to the Telegraph, a United Airlines spokesman said crew consulted with a physician on the ground at Calgary.

The incident happened on Sunday, the same day that passenger Dr David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight that was overbooked.

United CEO Oscar Munoz has since apologised for the incident.