Workman wows commuters with piano skills at St Pancras

'Workman' amazes commuters with piano skills at St Pancras
'Workman' amazes commuters with piano skills at St Pancras

A video of a man dressed in a workman's uniform dazzling commuters with his amazing piano skills at London's St Pancras train station has gone viral.

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The man is seen sitting at the piano in his luminous orange kit, which says 'Traffic Marshal', as he plays the 'boogie-woogie' on the public piano in the middle of the station.

The clip has been viewed over 750,000 times and many people have heaped praise on the man.

His skills have led some people to suggest that he's not a workman at all, and that he's actually a professional musician.

The video, which we first saw at the Standard, was uploaded by musician Brendan Kavanagh to YouTube with the caption: "Workman on his lunchbreak plays some amazing boogie woogie at the public piano in St Pancras Station."

However, a viewer wrote underneath: "More like: Professional piano player wearing a brand "NEW" construction suit with no scuff marks on his shoes! Fake traffic marshal! But amazing piano player! "

Some people suggested that he was actually Brendan Kavanagh, also known as DR K, himself dressed up as a workman playing the piano.

One user wrote: "I'm 98% sure that is Dr K dressed ass a traffic marshal..."

And another person mused: "Never done a day's work in his life - audience would have been more stunned if he went out and started digging a hole in the road, ha ha keep it going Dr K ;-) ."